We perform onsite single and double plane balance adjustment by using the SKF CMXA 80 vibration analyzer device and balance kit.

A sample of the single plane balance adjustment procedure is as follows:

One of the 16 pcs fan wings on the fan was chosen as the reference point.

The reference measurement taken as per this reference point was recorded 16,8 ° angle as 4,81 mm/sec RMS in the balance (revolution) multiple.

One of  the 4 pcs bolts that connect the fan wing chosen as reference was detached and was re-tightened by adding a weight of 103,25 gr. At the end of the trial weight test, 299,9 ° angle was recorded as 4,7628 mm/sec RMS in the 1st balance multiple.

When we subtract the resultant vector of 299.9 ° 4,7628 mm/sec, which is created by the 103.25 gr that is placed on 0 °, and the 16,8 ° 4,81 mm/sec vector, which is measured by reference, a vector of 67,98 ° 5,9521 mm/sec is found and it represents the vector solely created by the trial weight.

A weight that will eliminated the 16,8 ° 4,81 mm/sn vector, which is measured by reference, should be added and therefore, the vector angle and weight amount is calculated as follows: 360 – (67,98 -16,8) = 308,87 ° and 4,81*103,25 /(5,9621 ) = 83,5 gr. This value rests between the wings and no place is present for attaching the balance weight. The angles of the closest (1st elbow to the reference wing) 14th and 15th wings are consecutively 292.5° and 315°. When we separate the 83,5 gr weight into resultants according to the vectors of these wings, 23,3 gr is shared by the 14th wing and 292.5 °, whereas 61,49 gr is shared by 315 °.

Balance adjustment completes when we detach the trial weight and when these weights are added to the 14th and 15th wing connection bolts.

 (For weight-related purposes, one of the 4pcs bolts on the 14th wing was dismounted and a 15mm longer bolt was tightened and the weight was thus increased by 23,3 gr. One of the 4pcs bolts on the 15th wing was dismounted and a 25mm longer bolt was tightened by 5pcs spring washers and the weight was thus increased by 61,49 gr).