As it is known, maintenance programs such as planned maintenance and predictive maintenance have been developed for providing an incessant operation of our facility. Determining the situation and taking the necessary precautions beforehand without interrupting an operative system will prevent being handicapped by surprise breakdowns, eliminate time loss and wasting of workforce and will increase productivity. For this purpose, we apply a test program that includes measurements and interpretations based on dynamic and static analysis.


1. Measurements relating to the SKF CMXA 80 analyzer

a) Vibration measurement

- Determination of Unbalance: Problems emanating from the unbalance of the motor, load and all rotating components

- Mechanical Breakdowns : Problems related to the chassis, reducer, belt and pulley, coupling unbalance, shaft and housing

- Bearing Breakdowns : Breakdowns of the internal ring, external ring, ball, cage and housing corrosion problems

- Resonance Breakdowns : Resonance problems of the run-up and cost-own system by the phase reference measurement

- Electrical Breakdowns : Spir short-circuits related to the winding irregular air interval, rotor short-circuit, bar interruptions, driver thyristor breakdowns

b) Vibration measurement

- Electrical Breakdowns :  Motor driver triggering and thyristor breakdowns short-circuits of the stator and rotor spir, AC Motor rotor bar interruptions

c) Onsite balance adjustment

- Removal of the unbalances in the rotor, fan and other rotating components

2. Revolution check with stroboscope

- Rotation check, determining the status of the rings and collectors, the taco, driver system and rotating mechanic components (coupling, belt and pulley, propeller, et...) for the wound rotor engines

3. Temperature Check

Measurement of the front and rear housings, air inlets and outlets and the trunk temperatures; determining the motor heating, air circulation, filter and cooling statuses

4. In Cases of Energy Interruption

Isolation Measurement by Megger 

Stator isolation, rotor isolation

5. Reporting

-  Gathering of all data and its entry to the computer

Drawing up of graphics

Making interpretations (determining the current status and the problem sources)

Determining the works requiring performance (continuity of the production, predictions on the planning of repair & maintenance)

Note: Making measurements on 3 months’ periods will be appropriate for tracking the status of the engines. Each test report is prepared in a manner that includes the previous one and allows making comparisons