ÖZGÜR MOTOR AND GENERATOR is rewinding your motors with quality materials and workmanship.

1. Expertise

2. Disassembly

3. Expertise

4. Preparation for Winding

5. Rewinding

6. Winding Tests

7. Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair Operations for the Windings and Parts

8. Assemblage

9. Final Test

a) Isolation tests of the windings are performed using megger.

b) In case of slip-ring engines, the stator is given nominal voltage when the rings are in open circuit and checks are performed on the stator current, power loss and rotor voltages. It is checked whether appropriate and equal voltage emanate from the rotor windings. The lost powers represent the iron loss of the engine.

c) The stator current and power losses are recorded by rotating the engine in its nominal voltage. This power represents the iron, wind and friction losses of the engine.

d) The engine shaft is locked and the stator’s voltage and power is recorded by passing a rated current through the stator. This power represents the copper loss of the engine.

e) Vibration analysis and balance check are performed and the bearing performances are measured by making a vibration measurement on the housings when the engine is in its nominal revolution.

f) The sounds of the bearing flap and the bearings are listened.

g) The housing temperatures are measured and checked after 30 minutes of operation.

10. Packaging