Sometimes you have problems with your electric motors or generators that you do not know.
Deactivation, deactivation, mechanical noise or vibration, heat, etc. , or even if repetitive repairs are made constantly, you will be faced with the same troubles.

The source of this problem may be motor and generator, as well as different factors such as driven load or drive source, chassis, etc.

We are commissioned here as a free engine.

Regardless of the problem, we are expert in the field with our modern equipment and expert team members and our full service vehicle to determine the source of the problem and provide solutions within the scope of our solution.

So you continue to work with the minimum cost of repair and production loss.

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Due to time and possibility issues, it is necessary to maintain your electric motors or generators on site.

These maintenance are required to be done at the same time or individually as mechanical and electrical maintenance.

Maintenance can be general maintenance or a malfunction.

As Özgür Motor and Generator, we respond to your needs on a turnkey basis with expert staff, modern equipment and full service vehicle.


From time to time, it is necessary to repair and commission your broken electric motors or generators in the field.

These problems can be mechanical or electrical.

As Özgür motor and generator, our company responds to your needs on a turnkey basis.